CloudyCluster for the NIH Commons Credits Program

CloudyCluster by Omnibond can make parallel computation in the AWS Cloud easier, with integrated schedulers, HPC libraries, software and the CCQ meta scheduler.


CloudyCluster provides seamless integration of elastic HPC scheduling on AWS through CCQ to the familiar Torque and Slurm schedulers. CCQ enables the required instances to be dynamically launched when the job is submitted and terminates the instances when there are no other jobs in the queue for that instance type. You can have different jobs for different instance types all computing concurrently.


CloudyCluster comes with a wide variety of standard HPC libraries and software to reduce the time to start HPC computing in the AWS cloud.

Boost, Cuda Toolkit, Docker, FFTW, FLTK, GCC, Gengetopt, GRIB2, GSL, Hadoop, HDF5, ImageMagick, JasPer, NetCDF, NumPy, Octave, OpenCV, OpenMPI, PROJ, Python, R, Rmpi, SciPy, SIngularity, SWIG, WGRIB, UDUNITS

Ambertools, ANN, ATLAS, BLAS, Blast, Blender, Burrows-Wheeler Aligner, CESM, Galaxy, GROMACS, LAMMPS, NCAR, NCL, NCO, nwchem, OpenFoam, papi, paraview, Quantum Espresso, SAMtools, WRF

and more…


With CloudyCluster we have tried to make parallel scientific computing in the cloud as easy as possible, from launching the environment to creating your first HPC environment. To help you get started with your project, we will provide a free remote overview and tutorial of CloudyCluster and also provide email support for using it through your project. You can also purchase other services such as image customization or even just advising on how to optimize CloudyCluster for your project.      


CloudyCluster by Omnibond is pleased to serve as a Conformant Provider for the NIH Commons.


CloudyCluster quickly provisions complete HPC environments with compute, storage and a wide selection of open HPC applications, dynamically configured for rapid deployment on AWS. You create and manage your own CloudyCluster using a self-service, mobile-friendly web interface. The CloudyCluster step-by-step wizard makes the setup process a straightforward, painless experience from any device, at your desk or on the go.


To simplify and ease the use of the cloud for NIH research, CloudyCluster by Omnibond will operate in the following fashion: 1. Investigator applies for Credits from the NIH program and receives approval.
2. Omnibond enters a credits program agreement with the Investigator’s institution.
3. Omnibond conducts an introductory call to determine the nature of computation and services required by the investigator.
4. Omnibond helps the investigator establish a dedicated AWS account for the project
 a. Set up a credit card or PO from the investigator’s institution to continue to use the account after the program ends and cover any possible overages after all credits are consumed.
 b. Grant Omnibond billing access through an IAM role to the account for accounting purposes back to the NIH. This billing access will provide no access to the investigator’s research data.
5. Apply initial round of credits (Not all credits are initially applied, in case additional services are needed after the initial round of testing and computation).
6. Omnibond performs any additional services, if needed.
7. Investigator continues to compute through the end of the program with Omnibond’s assistance.
8. Omnibond provides regular updates to the NIH as required.
9. At the end of the program, we will help the investigator remove Omnibond’s IAM user, necessary for reporting during the collaborative effort.

Omnibond is happy to answer questions and provide further assistance to NIH investigators. For more information, contact or call 1 844-GOT-OMNI (844-468-6664).